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PraxSoft specializes in the integration of multiple sensors with real-time information delivery. 
These customer and partner sites are currently running Active™ Series software to post real-time or periodic weather, hydrological or environmental data on the Internet.

Some of these sites are under development or are used as test sites, so the data may not be available all of the time.

Many of the sample sites use high-resolution maps, which may take a while to download. After that, they are cached by your browser and load much faster. If you have any questions, contact Technical Support.

KVII-TV School Net, Amarillo Texas uses WeatherActive Mapper to post real-time weather data from the 200 KVII SchoolNet Sites.

KAMC-TV StormTeam Weather Lab, WeatherActive enables automatic data posting in real-time from sites of interest around Lubbock, TX.