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The AssetActive platform gives your business a competitive edge by providing accurate, real-time management of assets and equipment to improve efficiency while reducing costs. With on-board sensors, equipment and infrastructure can be monitored to improve operations, inventory management, and customer service. Products like TankSmart deliver the information which distributors and their customers need to provide intelligent, up-to-date accounting of remote tank levels helping them manage inventory and manufacturing, plan deliveries and avoid dangerous overfill situations. 

Enables remote asset management improving efficiency and operations  


  • Real-time asset management
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Condition assessment of physical assets
  • Inventory management and life expectancy of equipment


  • Around-the-clock remote access to data without the need for site visits
  • Accurate inventory management to improve operations and maintain customer inventories
  • Streamlines operations and allows remote activation and control of critical operations and equipment
  • Drives efficiency and regulation compliance
  • Addresses the needs of physical infrastructure (tanks, pipeline, and plant) for business and service continuity

PraxSoft Solutions in Oil and Gas

Condition assessment of physical assets is paramount in maintaining operating costs, inventory management and service continuity. Accurate inventory management keeps operations moving and helps to maintain customer inventories. This valuable information keeps your assets on track, streamlining operations and data collection while improving efficiencies.