About PraxSoft

A group of University professors and engineers joined together to form PraxSoft, an information technology and engineering company that began by building software applications to deliver real-time weather information via the Internet. With substantial research, software application development and hardware integration experience, the PraxSoft team quickly expanded the company offerings to include support a multitude of other sensor devices, communications technologies, RFID and networking.

PraxSoft has developed a unique combination of hardware and software for the collection and display of sensor data including environmental, hydrological, chemical, location-based (GPS or RFID) and automatic identification. The PraxSoft solution collects data from virtually any type of sensor, processes that data, and makes it available for quick, accurate analysis using an intuitive user interface. 

With both real-time and archived data easily accessible, and hardware devices specialized for select target markets, PraxSoft offers a solution that improves safety, operations, enterprise visibility and productivity for both the commercial and government markets.

PraxSoft is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

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