Solutions | Water

The Active™ Series provides an immediate ROI by helping public works and utilities monitor water usage, quality and levels. Water is one of the most vital, non-renewable resources in the global economy. It hydrates humanity, nourishes plants into food and powers nations. 

AssetActive supports real-time water management to improve efficiency, aid in conservation and provide better visibility and status of assets. On-site sensors continuously measure real-time level, flow and quality data from a multitude of supported sensors to deliver accurate, unattended remote monitoring.  Infrastructure condition assessment and operating status are easily accessible. So whether you need information to help manage your watershed, ensure safe drinking water or reduce loss, AssetActive keeps your water assets on track ensuring timely and cost-effective monitoring and management.


  • Asset management
  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Water loss accounting


  • Proactive monitoring and health/well-being of water systems and resources
  • Provides greater system reliability and history to facilitate improved land use
  • Drives efficiency and regulation compliance

PraxSoft Solutions for Improved Stormwater Monitoring

Stormwater monitoring involves measuring the water levels and quality of lakes, rivers and other navigable waters to gather information on pollution and determine prevention plans. As the urban sprawl continues snatching land to be developed into houses, buildings and parking lots the amount of impervious surface in the watershed increases. When rain events and snow melt wash over these areas they pick up pollutants along the way. The PraxSoft system helps Stormwater utilities gather important data on rainfall amounts and water levels to gain a clearer picture of pollutant sources and better manage future land use. 

PraxSoft Solutions for Preventative Water Management

AssetActive provides a system solution that delivers accurate and timely data for determining water loss. Wireless sensors form a network and communicate to allow preventative water management and usage monitoring vital to industries that want to cut monthly water bills. Monitored data can be accessed in real-time via a standard Web page.