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PraxSoft dramatically improves asset management, inventory tracking, personnel movement, logistics and safety concerns in all areas of local, state, and federal government as well as in the Defense industry. 


  • Urban environment tactical tracking
  • Equipment management and status
  • Real-time sensor monitoring


  • More realistic training and response
  • Improved situational awareness
  • After Action Review to better equip soldiers with the skills necessary to carry out a successful mission

Military Training Exercises

As part of the Soldier Battle Lab's experimentation and prototyping mission at Ft. Benning, PraxSoft developed and integrated a 2D GIS-enabled application with buildings, terrain, an RFID tracking/asset management system and live soldier entities. An extension was written to ingest real-time data via the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol and to communicate with a non-GIS mapping system. Work has also been completed to integrate the 2D GIS application with a 3D-Viewer to allow improved situational awareness.

AssetActive in Inventory Management

As part of the SBL’s experimentation and prototyping mission, PraxSoft delivered the AssetActive RFID tracking/asset management system to automate inventory management. AssetActive integrates automatic identification using patent-pending RFID technology to enable real-time monitoring of assets and personnel. It allows the integration of both active and passive RFID tags, GPS, and on-board sensors to provide seamless tracking of assets and personnel both inside and out.

Using PraxSoft’s AssetActive Inventory Management System (IMS), equipment and supplies are electronically assigned to personnel. Automatic inventory and equipment tracking are accomplished in one easy step. DoD standard passive tags are placed on all items, including personal communications equipment and clothing, while active tags are assigned to individual soldiers. As the soldiers gather equipment from a supply room, it is automatically read by an AssetActive Active/Passive Reader (APR) at checkpoints. This provides an automated check-in and check-out procedure while allowing soldiers and their gear to be identified and located during operations.

Sensors to Monitor the Urban Environment

Events like chemicals spills and industrial accidents can happen anytime. They have long been safety concerns.  Now there are other dangers, perhaps even more challenging. In the City of Orlando safety officials reliably monitor on-site conditions to prepare and respond to natural and man-made events with weather and sensor products from PraxSoft. 

Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, water levels and rainfall are all collected from the City of Orlando’s weather network. The City of Orlando’s HAZMAT van comes equipped with a mobile weather station to provide essential on-site measurements like wind speed and wind direction for chemical, biological and radiological analysis. Real-time measurements from geographically distributed wind sensors help to direct emergency response during severe weather and hurricanes.