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Facilities operators at clinics and hospitals use the Active Series to gain access to localized, real-time weather data. User-defined alarms warn of unsafe environmental conditions like high wind, which can endanger patients, employees and infrastructure. 


  • Real-time data collection and monitoring
  • Weather-related infrastructure management 


  • Provides accurate, on-site weather information during emergencies
  • Helps team members protect patients and safely deliver care
  • Reduces unexpected cost from weather-related damage

PraxSoft in Healthcare

Hospitals must ensure the safety of patients and staff around the clock. Patients and the community expect the hospital operations team to provide for their well-being and to issue alerts in the event of sudden or unexpected, dangerous weather conditions. Using the WeatherActive system from PraxSoft, hospitals, clinics, and research facilities have access to real-time meteorological data from their location—not a National Weather Service site that may only report hourly. As potentially dangerous conditions develop, built in alarms can page, e-mail or fax to alert Operations and Technical staff of hazards. Staff, visitors and the community can access real-time data on the facilities Web site.