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Level and condition monitoring to improve operations and inventory management

Having the status of your tanks and containers is vital to operations. Keeping them filled and in good working order can be a challenge — especially if they are remote or on a customer's site. Now you don't have to worry about costly site visits or expensive custom applications. With TankSmart you gain insight to your tanks and containers from anywhere, anytime.

TankSmart is a system solution, which incorporates wireless sensors, cost-effective communications and easy-to-use software to enable remote access to all of your tanks. Submersible sensors from PMC, a leading supplier of clog-free sensors for hazardous, caustic, or corrosive materials, can be used in all types of liquid media. Wireless sensor nodes enable you to monitor level, temperature and pressure from one tank or a thousand, around-the-clock. Data is sent via the most appropriate communications available and is accessible from any Internet-connected computer to authorized users. Real-time and historical information improve decision-making, streamline operations and help you recognize trends to enhance customer service. Automatic alerts notify you of tank conditions.

No more costly site visits or empty tank situations. Now it's easy to get all of the information you need to manage your tank and container assets with the click of a mouse.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Accurate inventory management to keep your operations moving and maintain your customer’s inventories
  • Remote access to see data from any tank without the need for site visits
  • Intuitive Web-based application which allows easy access to reliable, real-time information on any Internet connection by simply opening the browser and typing your password
  • Hands-free automation to enable remote activation and control of critical operations or equipment
  • Built-in alarm features provide pertinent information on your e-mail or cell phone, even signaling for the next delivery when inventory levels run low

Take a look at TankSmart to see how it can benefit your organization or contact us for more information.