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Wireless monitoring to improve crop yield and quality while cutting operational costs

AgNetLive provides a Web-based decision support system that collects real-time data from wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) distributed throughout commercial fields and farms. AgNetLive uses the PraxSoft Active™ Series, which combines unique hardware, software and communications to support timely data collection and dissemination improving daily operations and decision making. 

Wireless sensor nodes form the basis of the system and have built-in intelligence to collect, communicate and analyze data about their surroundings and the environment. Each sensor node monitors specific parameters related to field conditions, soil water content, evapotranspiration (ET) and other environmental characteristics. The AgNetLive Web application provides registered users easy access to this meaningful information from any Internet connection.

Localized environmental data, from your field, is used to better schedule irrigation, fertilization and pest control preventing disease and increasing crop yields and quality. AgNetLive minimizes operational costs while promoting improved production practices and environmental sustainability. 

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Real-time data access to improve farm visibility and management
  • Remote access to micro-environmental data like temperature and moisture from any sensor, in any field, without the need for physical site visits
  • Improved on-site monitoring of field and crop conditions, day and night
  • Optimal scheduling of irrigation, fertilizer and pest control to improve crop yield and consistency
  • Cost savings through decreased water and fertilizer usage

Contact us to learn more about AgNetLive and implement the system that lets you increase your productivity and profit margins this growing season.