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Hydrological monitoring to improve design, decision support and compliance

Access to the status of surface and ground water resources is vital to Public Works departments. Having accurate, up-to-date data on water levels, rainfall and flow not only allow forewarning of potential flood conditions, they provide valuable information to verify drainage design, capacity, usage and water quality compliance. 

Using H2ONet, real-time data from wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) is made available from anywhere 24/7. A secure Web-based application provides easy access to live and historical information, graphs, trends, user-defined alarms and maintenance activities.  During storms and hazardous weather, H2ONet provides warning and prediction of potential flooding which can be a danger to both lives and property. Access to historical data is available to maintain and improve drainage facilities and to verify systems perform to design capacity. Continuous water level and flow data, along with nutrient sensors, are used to determine downstream pollutant discharge to ensure that receiving water bodies meet state and federal standards for water quality.

H2ONet is a tool that provides real-time and historical information essential to surface and ground water entities. For customers who need a system which can accurately measure, collect and store data from rainfall to water level and nutrient content, to improve their decision-making, H2ONet is the solution.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Accurate, real-time data access to improve visibility and management of water resources and infrastructure
  • Remote access to data from any sensor at any site without the need for physical visits
  • Intuitive Web-based application, which allows secure access to reliable, real- time information from any Internet connection by simply opening the browser and typing your password
  • Hands-free automation to enable remote activation and control of critical equipment like gates, valves and pumps
  • Scalable architecture with built-in alarm features to provide alerts via e-mail or cell phone 
  • Reduces compliance monitoring expense and validates Best Management Practices

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