In an ever-changing global marketplace the need for all types of real-time, up-to-the-second information is crucial. The PraxSoft Active™ series delivers real-time data from sensor, automatic identification and location devices to facilitate improved decision making. 

Until recently the prospect of real-time location and ubiquitous sensors automating inventory management, performing unassisted remote monitoring, allowing personnel and equipment visibility and saving lives was improbable.  Now, these applications, and many more, are possible with PraxSoft’s AssetActive.  Automatic identification, location and sensing can ensure a more automated business process while improving safety, efficiency and profitability. 

Take a look at what we are doing in these industries. 

. Water

The Active™ Series provides an immediate ROI by helping public works and utilities monitor water usage, water quality and water levels. More

. Transportation

The Active Series facilitates improved visibility of road and rail with integrated environmental, wireless sensor and RFID monitoring. More


PraxSoft dramatically improves inventory tracking, management of equipment, personnel movement, asset management, logistics and safety concerns in all areas of local, state, and federal government as well as in the Defense industry.More


The WeatherActive product collects and displays real-time weather conditions during on-air television broadcasts, newsbreaks and via the web page. More


Increase your crop production and quality, reduce operating costs and enable remote communication with your field or farms while promoting sustainability. More




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