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Solutions | Transportation

The Active Series facilitates improved visibility of road, rail and construction sites with integrated environmental, wireless sensor and RFID monitoring. AssetActive helps the transportation industry improve safety, logistics and environmental monitoring.


  • Remote monitoring
  • Cost-effective asset management
  • Maintenance and equipment visibility


  • Improved safety through total situational awareness—road conditions, traffic management, work zones
  • Comprehensive asset management to increase productivity
  • Real-time roadway, bridge and equipment monitoring (health, status, etc)
  • Improved operations and logistics 

AssetActive Maintenance Tracking

Tools and equipment often disappear from the job site or get misplaced within maintenance facilities. Significant numbers of assets that should be tracked, including heavy equipment like tractors and backhoes, are often unaccounted for. Are they in use? Is a contractor paying rental fees on them? Should they be scheduled for routine or preventative maintenance? With AssetActive contractors and maintenance staff can track usage, ensure proper maintenance and avert problems before they affect operations. For example, they can automatically track usage hours to enable optimum inventory levels, preventative maintenance schedules for tasks such as snow plow sharpening and improved work flow.