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Keeping water and nutrients in the root zone is essential to maintaining healthy plants — and a healthy bottom line. PraxSoft’s agriculture solutions let you access all the real-time information you need to improve crop production and quality while reducing costs to provide an immediate ROI.

AgNetLive lets you access vital data from your fields, orchards and greenhouses 24/7. Wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) equipped with soil moisture, temperature, conductivity and meteorological weather stations, monitor conditions around-the-clock to protect your investment. No more checking estimated rainfall totals miles from your farm, driving around to read and empty manual rain gauges or sitting on-site in your vehicle monitoring a mercury thermometer when a freeze is expected. Now you can view real-time data from any Internet-connected computer or cell phone.  You can be alerted when temperatures fall below your preset limits, if rainfall occurs and you can even adjust irrigation schedules based on your soil moisture and ET parameters.
So if you want to increase your crop production and quality, reduce operating costs and enable remote communication with your field or farms while promoting sustainability, contact us to reap the benefits of AgNetLive.

Applications and Users

  • High-value crop producers
  • Citrus
  • Horticulture and Nursery


  • Improved crop yield and quality
  • Cost savings and rapid ROI
  • More efficient water and fertilizer usage
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Environmental sustainability

PraxSoft Solutions for Agriculture

In today’s marketplace industry is looking for ways to reduce energy and water use, cut operational costs and optimize agricultural crop yield while maintaining environmental health. Current and emerging technologies like PraxSoft’s AgNetLive, along with improved management practices, can be catalysts to deliver revolutionary results.