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A unique combination of hardware and software for the collection and display of data from a multitude of sensors

SensorActive improves tactical management, operations and response to incidents that involve natural or man-made threats. As a system solution, SensorActive integrates environmental monitoring with state-of-the-art communications technologies to enable early warning and continual monitoring of assets and potential hazards. Now, subject matter experts can have real-time impact assessment modeling of hydrological, chemical, environmental, and other data, critical for decision making.

PraxSoft’s SensorActive solution builds on the initial WeatherActive product by adding support for a broader suite of sensors, while continuing the real-time data collection and communications framework. 

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive system for integration, analysis, storage, and display of data from chemical, environmental, hydrological and associated sensors
  • Supports sensor integration/management and real-time data modeling 
  • Delivers real-time information to improve environmental data collection, land use and remote monitoring 

Key Users

  • Public Works
  • Public Safety
  • Utilities
  • Government

Take a look at our SensorActive marketing material to see how it could benefit your organization:

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